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Kids and K(c)hiropractic

When it comes to kids seeing a chiropractor, the adjust really well!

Although many parents have a fear about their children receiving chiropractic care, this is a very safe and effective method to reduce many issues babies and children can face during their life.

There are some commonly known facts about children:
1. They fall down, a lot
2. Is that supposed to go into your mouth? Who knows…but children will try.
3. Don’t want to walk, that okay we can sit on the dirty floor.
4. Keys are a delicacy
5. Whoops, she just fell down again!

All of these are great reason to get your child evaluated by a Doctor of Chiropractic for an adjustment.

Low Back Pain

In 2018 researchers inspected the effect of adjustments and exercise in adolescents compared to those who only exercised. In total, 185 adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18 years old were split into a control group, an exercise only group and an exercise with adjustment (manual therapy) group for evaluation. Group three, consisting of adolescents participating in exercise and adjustments revealed a 90% decrease in pain (on a visual analog scale) in comparison to the other two groups.

Healthy Joints

The chiropractic adjustment allows for the spine to be realigned from any types of minor accidents that may occur in a child’s life. It also creates movement throughout the joints in a child which keeps the joints healthy and cushioned for any episode that may occur. The reason the spine needs to be looked at is because it is comprised of over 100 individual joints that are continuously working and getting nutrition from movement.

Childhood Diseases

In addition a child’s immune system is extremely important for quality of life. It was seen in multiple studies complied into a systematic review in 2019, that chiropractic and other manual therapies including massage, acupuncture, visceral osteopathic manipulative therapy, and cranial manipulative therapy, decreased symptoms or complete resolution of colic, asthma, nocturnal enuresis (peeing the bed), and otitis media (ear infection of the middle ear). “They reported on seven RCTs which suggest OMT leads to a significantly greater reduction in the symptoms of asthma, congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction, daily weight gain and length of hospital stay in premature infants, dysfunctional voiding, infantile colic, otitis media or postural symmetry.”

Adverse Events

For any worries about hurting children with adjustments from a chiropractor, there are also research showing the adverse events that can happen in children. In one report they saw that the risk of reported adverse events was very low. Out of 1000 infants adjusted by chiropractors there were 7 non serious events. This was shown in comparison to children who experienced typical western medicine like surgery and medication which resulted in 110 per 1000 patients experiencing adverse events.

Upswing in popularity of chiropractic

Within the last several years chiropractic has seen a significant upswing in care of pediatric and adolescents. The Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances produced a pilot for a case series showing how the rising usage of alternative care has, “…a positive perception in every case.” These doctors will continue to research what the effect of manual therapy, like adjustments, will have on children and the rates of pediatric surgery.

If you are wondering if an adjustment for your child would be appropriate make sure to come by our office and get an evaluation. Not every infant or child needs an adjustment, and when they do it is only about one adjustment per month. Chiropractic can do amazing things for young children, try it today!

If you would like to take a look at any of these reports they are posted below!

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